Fabian about his lessons

For my lessons I draw on my years of experience acquired as a drummer in numerous groups working in the fields of jazz, latin, pop, electronica, rock etc. on stage and in the studio as well. Besides technical basics and rudiments, I listen to the individual needs of all of my students. An important part of my lessons is learning to play the drums by playing to songs. For that I offer a large repertoire of play-alongs and music to play with to steadily improve skills and prepare students for playing in bands.

As a drummer you’re the driving force in the band and to do that effectively good timing is essential. I show you how to work on your time with and without a metronome. To work on technique I put together a technique script for myself and my students, which contains many exercises refined through years of experience that I still use to keep my hands fit. With advanced students I go deeper into topics like:

Lessons take place at the VMC Studios in the first district of Vienna. There I have two top of the range drum sets from Drum Design and Gretsch with Murat Diril Cymbals and of course studio equipment to record during lessons.

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